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First Lady Casey DeSantis Mobilizes a Million Mamas for DeSantis

Mamas on a Mission is the Biggest Organization of Parents in Florida History 

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis announced today the launch of Mamas for DeSantis. Through the First Lady’s leadership, Mamas for DeSantis will work to support Governor Ron DeSantis’s re-election campaign as a movement for Florida moms, grandmas, abuelas, nanas, and more to get involved in the re-election campaign. With the goal of signing up a million mamas across the state of Florida, this initiative will be the largest movement of parents in Florida history.

“Here in Florida, we have a true leader looking out for mamas, families, and our children: my husband, Governor Ron DeSantis. It is more important than ever for us to support him this November, and Mamas for DeSantis are fired up to do just that,” First Lady DeSantis said. “Florida mamas can count on Governor DeSantis to keep our families safe and our freedoms protected. We are a million mamas strong and we are on a mission to keep Florida free.”

“I am proud to have Casey by my side, and I am grateful for the example she sets for our three children. And now, I am excited to work alongside her as we launch the biggest parental rights movement in history,” Governor DeSantis said. “We are working every day to make Florida the most pro-parent state in the nation, and Mamas for DeSantis gives a voice to mothers across the state.”

Mamas for DeSantis will serve Florida parents who are on a mission to re-elect the Governor this November. The effort will directly engage with parents and families who want to make their voices heard. The campaign will feature the biggest organization of parents in state history – featuring paid media, direct mail, digital advertising, and events across this state.

The launch follows Governor DeSantis’s announcement of the DeSantis Education Agenda, a parent-centered agenda that calls on school board candidates to pledge their support to the Governor’s student-first leadership that has protected parental rights in education. Visit to learn more about the agenda and the Governor’s commitment to protecting parents’ rights.

Governor Ron DeSantis continues to stand up for children and families ensuring Florida will be better off for a generation to come. Despite massive headwinds from Washington, D.C. and Democrat policies, Florida continues to be a leader in economic growth, excellent education, and quality of life.

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In May, the First Lady returned to the campaign trail after doctors declared her cancer-free. In her official capacity as Florida’s First Lady, First Lady DeSantis has launched initiatives she is passionate about, including:

  • Resiliency Florida initiative: a partnership with professional sports teams and athletes to address the stigma surrounding mental health.
  • Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity: family-centered assistance reaching more than 25,000 Floridians, including single moms, those aging out of foster care, among others. The program helps achieve economic sufficiency through local, community-based partners, including the private sector, faith-based institutions, and nonprofit organizations.
  • The Facts. Your Future.: a campaign designed to educate young Floridians about the life-altering effects of drug use and equip students with tools they need to make decisions about their health and future.

First Lady Casey DeSantis is the wife of Florida’s 46th Governor, Ron DeSantis. The Governor and First Lady DeSantis are loving parents to daughter, Madison (5 years old), son, Mason (4 years old) and daughter, Mamie (2 years old). The DeSantis Family is the first family to have a baby born in the Governor’s Mansion in more than 50 years.

First Lady DeSantis attended the College of Charleston in South Carolina, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and was a member of the International Economics Honors Society. Following her graduation from college, First Lady DeSantis worked for the PGA Tour as a producer and on-air host. Additionally, she worked for two Florida television stations in Jacksonville, where she held positions ranging from general assignment reporter, police beat reporter, weekend anchor, and morning anchor. For her work in television, First Lady DeSantis received an Emmy Award for on-air talent and two Emmy nominations.

Declared cancer-free by doctors in February 2022, First Lady DeSantis travels the state visiting with cancer patients to draw attention to the importance of early screening and to provide support and hope to families affected by cancer. First Lady DeSantis has become a champion for fighting cancer in the state of Florida, helping to secure $100 million in recurring funding for cancer research and care in the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget. In honor of her work devoted to this issue, the Florida Legislature recently renamed the Florida Consortium of National Institute Centers Program the “Casey DeSantis Cancer Research Program.”



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